Audit for Zero Waste/Net Zero Energy

assessmentsHow much return can you get from balance with the natural assets you use? Capture value through greater productivity and regenerate your local air, energy, material and water reservoirs.

inNative Can Help You:

Quantify Your Consumption
Measure your energy, water, waste and procurement footprints. Understand the impact your resource usage has on your business and the community.

Identify Opportunities
Define and prioritize key operational improvement opportunities, advance sustainability, and cut costs.

Analyze Costs & Benefits
Determine which solutions are best for you by calculating your ROI and life-cycle costs.

Results (see also our Projects list)

Helped a Fortune 300 West Coast corporation improve its diversion rate from 50% to 73% over two years, diverting an estimated 1200 tons of material from the landfill.

Helped identify $700,000 in annual energy savings representing a 37% total ROI for a U.S. food processing plant

Identified $30,000 in annual energy savings for a leading health insurance provider.

Enabled Alameda County’s StopWaste to reduce waste to landfill by 10,000 tons through extensive waste reduction assessments and implementation support for participating businesses.