Track Sustainability Metrics

performanceAre you reaching your sustainability objectives? Equip your team to determine the best ways to measure your performance, build strategies to improve, and evaluate your success.


inNative Can Help You:

Develop Metrics and Feedback Systems
Design tools to measure performance and direct the future of your work. Gather the data that’s really important to you, your customers, and your community.

Understand Your Performance
Monitor your results and build knowledge to improve the sustainability of your operations. Identify your key successes and highlight areas for improvement.

Progress Towards Goals
Develop new strategies to move your organization forward. Implement adjustments to promote sustainability increase efficiency, and create value for stakeholders and investors.

Results (see also our Projects list)

stopwaste-partnership240 Helped Stopwaste.Org develop a prototype of S-BAR — a new tool for measuring and comparing corporate sustainability performance. Tapping our knowledge base, we compared existing standards, identifies gaps, and highlighted key areas where S-BAR could add value.

Designed dashboards for a natural foods company to track, measure and manage toward zero waste and GHG reduction goals.


blackberriesHelped guide a food manufacturing company through the array of potential success measures to the key metrics that really matter.



Designed the performance metrics system for regional planning entities Oyate Omniciye (Oglala Lakota Sioux) and Flint Hills Frontiers (Flint Hills region of Kansas) to track progress as it begins to transform its region.