Tribal Sustainability & Resource Management

resourcesWhat’s your vision for the future of your tribe? Seek out the best path forward for both traditional culture and new livelihoods to flourish, building sustainability, health, and resilience for the community. It’s all connected.


inNative Can Help You:

Assess Current Conditions
Weave together traditional knowledge and newer research into a foundational understanding of the present state of your community. Listen to elders, the youth, and other leaders. Identify key issues, learn from past results, and find solid ground from which to ahead.

Gauge Community Opinions
Gather information about the needs, aspirations, and concerns of your communit(ies). Build plans to enhance sustainability and culture in meaningful and engaging ways.

Evaluate Opportunities
Identify which actions and objectives work for you. Gather best practices, inventory opportunities, and map the route to resource management that benefits the whole community.


Collaborated with Oyate Omniciye to advance integrated planning and help achieve key objectives for the Oglala Lakota Nation.   The resulting was adopted overwhelmingly by the tribe after a two year effort.

Supported multiple rancherias in fundraising for environmental programs.